De 9e Oproep voor R&D projecten is open tot 31 oktober 2018!

04 oktober 2018

Eco TLC, de Franse eco-organisatie die zich inzet voor de bevordering van de circulaire economie van Textielkleding, Huishoudlinnen en Schoeisel (TLC) lanceert een nieuwe oproep voor R&D-projecten. De deadline is 31 oktober 2018!

Through this call for projects, the following are being sought:

  • Eco-design of clothing, linen and footwear products, in particular shoes, taking an “end-of-life” approach, which is to say, aimed at enabling or improving:
    • Methodology for processing and/or for separating fibres and materials with an eye to recycling them at an industrial scale - 
    • Disassembly of constituents 
    • Elimination or reduction of disruptive recycling elements 
    • Incorporation of recycled materials from used clothing, linen and footwear products.
  • Increase of life expectancy of TLC products
  • Project s which incorpore recycled materials from used clothing, linen and footwear products in other products or sectors (building, plasturgy, automotive industry, furniture, etc.).

Since 2010, 36 R&D projects have been supported and followed-up by the Scientific Committee of Eco TLC and 3.2 M€ were engaged.

Open to all kind of applicants (companies, industry organizations and bodies, associations, organizations, competitive clusters, economic development agencies...). The file must be completed and sent in French.

Download the presentation of the call for R&D projects

Download the application file here.